Best Server computer cabinets – What You Need To Know

Best Server Computer Cabinets


Server computer cabinets are used to host different racks. Nowadays server computer cabinets are following particular standards in regards to sizing. In fact, the width is always 24 inches. It’s possible to find other sizes from companies that want to meet the particular needs of the customers. Having a cabinet can help you to organize all your equipment in a very tidy way.

Racks height

The number of racks that can fit in a server computer cabinet mostly depends on the height of each rack. In particular, the height of a rack is dependent on the equipment that is supposed to fit in there.

The height of a rack is measured in “U”. A “U” corresponds to 1.75 inches. On the market, you will find server computer cabinets with different U numbers. A cabinet of 2U will be up 3.5″ (1.75 * 2) of rack height.

Air circulation is key

Server cabinets are going to host very powerful machines. The heating produced by a rack needs to be dispersed. All cabinets are perforated and this guarantees air circulation.

In particular, when choosing a cabinet, I would always consider which kind of equipment is going to be inside. Watt usage is a factor to consider. Machines that use a high amount of watt power will probably generate more heat. To increase air circulation in your cabinet you will need more perforated surfaces.

Some server computer cabinets offer the possibility to mount a glass door on the front. If air circulation becomes an issue you may decide to buy a server cabinet without a glass door. In extreme cases, you can go for a completely naked solution, which does not have side panels.

Which material to choose?

Material is important when we want to host very expensive stuff in our cabinet. Certain builds can also help with the noise, giving you a soundproof computer cabinet. Thus you need to be sure that the cabinet is solid and every piece is well assembled. If you go for a cheap cabinet, you will most probably end up being unsatisfied.

Some good suggestions

last update: 21 July 2020

NavePoint 4ft Open Frame 19 Inch 22U

This model comes with no side panels. The dimensions are 47″H x 23.5″W x 23.75″D. Supports standard 19″ rack-mount equipment.


  • Completely opened: amazing air circulation
  • Wheels to move


  • none

NavePoint 22U Professional 4-Post IT  Server Rack Cabinet

This model comes with no side panels. The dimensions are 47″H x 23.5″W x 31.5″D. It can host racks with a depth 12″ – 24.5″ (adjusts in 1.5″ increments).


  • Completely opened: amazing air circulation
  • Bigger space for hosting racks
  • Wheels to move


  • none 12U Open Frame Server Rack Cabinet

There is something special about this server computer cabinet. For instance, with its highly flexible nature, it can meet the needs of varying categories of IT professionals. A proof of this fact is that it comes with an adjustable depth which ranges between 22″-40″. This model represents a very small server cabinet. Due to its sizes can be also used as a server rack cabinet for home. Most users have been quick to point to how easy it can be assembled. Others have explained its high level of durability.


  • Different types of server equipment can be easily stored.
  • It is 100% user-friendly.
  • It can be moved easily from one place to another.
  • Loading capacity of 544kg (1200lb) is fully supported.
  • It has 12U open frame design.
  • It comes with all the needed tools for easy assembling.


  • The only disadvantage of this server computer cabinet is that the feet are not removable. This means there are times when the dimensions may prove too deep for users.

Rosewill 12U frame server rack

Rosewill 12U frame server rack is one of the best in the market with some premium features to meet needs of users. Storing your server network and other IT equipment has never been easier. One of the reasons why it has won the heart of users over the years is that it has a very solid build. This makes it suitable for various working conditions. Furthermore, there are users who love its lightweight nature. It is fair enough to conclude that this rack takes storage to another level.


  • Its depth can be easily adjusted between 22inches and 40inches.
  • It can store various items like UPS, switch, and other server accessories.
  • There are lots of tools included to help users ensure easy assembling process.
  • Instructions are included about its supported depths.


  • It is only perfect for small business/home settings. If you want a server rack with more storage features, it is recommended to explore other options.

Startech 18U Server Rack Cabinet

There is no doubting the fact that this server rack cabinet has been built with some impressive features. Are you searching for the best way to secure your IT equipment without any compromise? This rack makes such possible. Users have claimed that unlike other server rack cabinets in the market, this offers additional protection through its mesh doors (front and rear). With the doors, you can have a quiet server rack enclosure. It’s also possible locking the server cabinet. Most users also pointed out the ease at which equipment can be accessed. This is probably one of the best server racks you will come across in the marketplace.


  • The powder coating has contributed to its appealing look.
  • Doors can offer more protection for your IT equipment and accessories.
  • Items can be accessed either through the front or rear door. This has been made possible through its quick-release locks.
  • It is highly mobile.


  • The only problem with this server rack cabinet is that its price of over $800 is quite high. The features are actually worth it though.

Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount

The first thing that will catch your attention about this server rack cabinet is how it has been designed. This could be the reason why people are exploring its option at the moment over others in the market. Some users have explained that its design is breathtaking and can make any space appear more presentable. Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount takes a step further as compared to most server racks because it can be mounted on walls. There are users who have claimed that its easy installation has been due to the removable side panels.


  • The rack spaces have been numbered to ensure users can make easy references.
  • Side panels are perforated. This is to allow adequate ventilation for stored items.
  • It is perfect for environments with limited space due to its wall-mounting features.


  • It is limited in terms of load capacity.
  • Its price is pretty high given that there are other cheaper options in the market with higher load storage capacities. 12U AV Rack Cabinet

When it comes to one of the best server rack cabinets, 12U AV definitely deserves to make the list. This is due to the positive reviews it has earned from users over the years. In case you are searching for the perfect cabinet that can store a system and other IT equipment, this one has proven to tick all of the boxes. Users have appreciated its great flexibility. For instance, it has been designed to be compatible with rack-mountable equipment (standardized) like KVM switches and servers.


  • It is an easy-to-assemble rack. It means you don’t need any special knowledge or skills for it to be assembled.
  • It comes with a very tight lock to ensure your equipment is secured.
  • The perfect temperature will be maintained given its perforated sides.
  • Equipment can be viewed due to its glass door (dark).
  • It is a very solid cabinet and can stand the test of time. For instance, its side panel has been constructed with aluminum.


  • Apart from its price which most people consider to be quite expensive, 12U AV doesn’t have any shortcoming.

Raising Electronics 27U rack

Raising electronics 27U rack will prove to be a perfect option once you have lots of IT equipment and accessories to store. Its highly impressive design is also worth taking into consideration. In case you want something that will offer good value for money in the long term, this one can really help out. Its steel construction ensures that it can withstand harsh conditions under any environment. This is probably why its manufacturers have been quick enough to offer a 5-year warranty.


  • Its rail depths are highly adjustable.
  • Its design is not just sleek but also very solid.
  • The front and back doors will offer your equipment more protection.


  • There is only one problem is that its height may prove to be too high for some people.


The above server rack cabinets can meet your needs without any compromise. Choosing any of them will prove to be the best decision you will ever make. This is because they have helped lots of people arrange their IT accessories in the most effective manner over the years.

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