Car Bluetooth dongles – make your car smart

Car Bluetooth dongles

Car Bluetooth dongles: an introduction

Hi guys, today we’re going to talk about the car Bluetooth dongles. These nice gadgets are making your car smart. But how do they work?

The dongles are sticks that you can plug into either in the AUX-in jack or to the 12v port. These dongles are going to transmit audio signals using BlueTooth technology. There are different models on the market, which come in different flavors.

It’s important when buying car Bluetooth dongles, to check the Bluetooth standard. A lot of them are not supporting BlueTooth 5.0. This standard is the newest and the best in terms of energy consumption. Not just that. The BlueTooth 5.0 guarantees a high-quality signal transmission. And if you’re going to use the dongle to stream music, this is really going to make a difference.

Why to use it?

The car Bluetooth dongles can reproduce music from your phone directly on the audio system of the car. With this nice gadget, you can transform your car into a nice audio streaming device. If you own an old car probably you are going to find this product really interesting.

Best car bluetooth dongles

Parrot MKI9100 

Parrot is a synonym of quality and reliability when we talk about car kits. This dongle comes with a very discrete design. The quality of the sound is very good. The kit comes with a very nice noise cancellation technology. This allows you to use it also for incoming calls.

It features a nice controller, with which you can answer or drop a phone call. Additionally, you can also control the music playlist with it. It is compatible with the majority of smartphones including iPhone and Android smartphones.

The kit is available on Amazon for a price about 180 dollars.


  • well-known brand
  • bluetooth 5.0


  • none
Nulaxy Bluetooth Car  Kit

This kit comes with a very big LED display. Functionalities-wise it’s very similar to the Parrot MKI9100. Interesting feature is the voltmeter, which can you use to check the car battery status.

It doesn’t support bluetooth 5.0, so the signal transmission will not be optimal. Nice note is the possibility to choose among a wide range of colors.


  • price is very low
  • huge display


  • bluetooth 3.0 is not the optimal

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