Good AMD graphics cards for Fortnite

good AMD graphics cards

If you’re a gamer you will need good AMD graphics cards. AMD is a very well-known brand in the graphics cards’ world. The gaming industry is relying a lot on good AMD graphics cards. To enjoy your gaming experience, in fact, you need to have a dedicated graphics card.

Heating as key factor

There are many things to take into consideration when buying a graphic card. All of them have a different weight in your decision-making process. But of course, all of the following factors need to be considered.

Let’s start with heating. GPUs are producing heating. If you go for a very high watt consumption you will probably need additional cooling features. These features are mostly represented by fans, which you can consider to install on your PC. Of course, more fans mean more space and more energy consumption.

But how can you calculate the heating produced by a graphic card? The answer is TDP. TDP stands Thermal Design Power. It represents the max power that your GPU is going to release and dissipate when running. Higher is the TDP, higher will be the heating produced.


The memory in a GPU is also very important. If you want to reach the highest resolutions in your video games, you will need to have a very good memory size. On the market, the range of memory goes between 2 and 12 GB.

Good AMD graphics cards for Fortnite

Considering all the factors above is a must. But what about the price? Well, here stands the reason for this list. I want to suggest to you good AMD graphics cards that are considering all the points we talked about so far, plus they are not so expensive.

Fornite: system requirements

We already spoke about the best gaming laptops for Fornite. This amazing game is getting more and more popular. Speaking about GPU requirements, this game needs at least 2 GB of RAM. As we stated before, this is quite easy to find it on the market.

My suggestions

This is my suggestions’ list for AMD graphics cards:

AMD Radeon Rx 590

Ratio price-quality is very good. The RAM of this GPU is 8GB. This is much more than what we will need to run Fortnite. But I always suggest to go above the 4GB, to have an optimal game experience. Reviews are really good. Most of them highlight the fact that there’s no lagging in the video at all.

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