Wifi extenders – which distance do they cover?

wifi extender

The offering of wifi extenders is really huge. They come with different versions and flavors. One main difference between one or the other is for sure the distance that they can cover.

Wifi extenders help to strengthen your wifi signal. Therefore if you have some dead zone in your home that can cause a drop in your signal quality, you may need one of them.

Streaming without limits

You can stream video and play your favorite online games without any disturbance on the signals thanks to the Wifi extenders. Another benefit will be the possibility of connecting to your Wifi network anywhere. In any corner of your apartment, you will navigate the Web without suffering from network quality issues.

The Wifi extenders are able to reach areas of your apartment that a simple router can not. And It is also a good way to keep a fast connection all over the place.

Coming back to the main topic of our article, I will provide you my favorite choice based on the coverage distance.

A good wifi extender: TP-Link TL-WA855RE

TL-WA855RE is a good choice in terms of price and quality. It’s a TP-Link product. This company is well known in the routers market for its high-quality products. TP-Link actually won many awards.

According to IDC Q2 2018 report, it is considered the World’s #1 provider of consumer WiFi.

TL-WA855RE has a very compact design but at the same time, it can reach a very big coverage up to 800 sq. ft. (that’s not bad at all!). It supports a Wifi connection speed of 300 Mbs. It is also quite easy to set it up.

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