Apple VR goggles – Everything you need to know

apple vr goggles

According to various sources, Apple is working on the apple VR goggles already. The American company is rumored to be having a dedicated team of over 100 members, ready to develop the apple VR googles. The company has been researching how to bring Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality. It is now more than 2 years that the tech giant is trying to bring these technologies to IOS. Other big companies like Google and Facebook have already taken a big leap as far as implementing AR/VR technology is concerned. For many years, Apple always joined a particular tech bandwagon after finding a real-life solution that piece of tech addresses.

They did this with Siri, Touch ID, Face ID, and many other technologies. These innovations came always after other companies had launched them. So It is no surprise that they don’t have an AR/VR gadget on the market yet. However, this time VR/AR headsets are coming through soon. Rumors coming to our desk show that the name of these headsets will likely be “Apple glasses”.

Release date?

Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet. So also the release date of these glasses is unknown. However, many sources are predicting a possible release date in 2021 or 2022. We are expecting an announcement about these glasses to come through during the launch of the iPhone 12 models, or early next year during Apple’s March event.

Some sources suggest that Apple may first release AR/VR headsets in 2021 and then later after a year or two release the Apple glasses that will look like real glasses that people put on. But based on Apple’s history of products, they are likely going to release something that is quite different and more user friendly than what the market is currently offering

How will they function?

These AR/VR gadgets that Apple is yet to release are likely to do what all the other AR/VR gadgets are doing. They will bring some extra functionalities when they get connected to the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, these glasses will be running an operating system called rOS (Reality Operating System) that will be almost similar to the current WatchOS used by the Apple watches.

Inputs to these glasses will be got through touch controls, gestures, and voice commands. It will be interesting to see how Apple implements this tech in something as small as glasses. Some of this tech is already being used in the air pods and Apple will likely build on that while making these AR/VR glasses

Market potential

There are already several players in the AR/VR game and with Apple joining soon, the competition will really be tight. Apple is willing to beat the existing competition. This will mean that probably Apple will come up with something really different. Supposedly Apple VR goggles will be using more real-life applications that an ordinary iPhone user will appreciate.

Size-wise rumors say that Apple VR goggles will probably have size of normal glasses.

This is because a lot of people still find the current AR/VR headsets a little big and uncomfortable to put on for long hours.

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