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If you are looking to buy a beamer with all kinds of latest specifications, NEC beamer PX2000UL is a monster. It is a powerful projector working on RB laser light source making it compatible with all the latest applications. NEC PX2000UL can offer rich colors with improved color fidelity and red laser technology can enhance the quality far beyond any previous beamer. The beamer comes with a five-year warranty and up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free entertainment. For its extraordinary performance and high brightness, the power consumption of NEC PX2000UL is quite efficient. The projector has got its liquid cooling mechanism without any filters and the fan operates at very low noise providing perfect entertainment experience. The whole device weighs only 51 kg and the design is very compact making it portable and easy to use. From this very month, June 2020, ProAssist setup buddy allowing easy and quick installation of NEC PX2000UL. The tool allows multiple networked setups with complete access to lens adjustment, color uniformity, and blending. Single-chip DLP laser technology allows you to enjoy exceptional graphics and vivid colors up to 20,000 lumens brightness level.  

Benefits of NEC PX2000UL:

Imaging Quality: All the credit for superb imaging quality go-to RB laser technology. Red lasers can produce more vivid colors. With RB laser technology, NEC PX2000UL can produce special brightness boosted results that you can’t find in any other single-chip DLP projector. It supports up to 4K image quality so the results will always be extraordinary.

Maintenance: The projector doesn’t have filters but a special NEC phosphor wheel which doesn’t require constant attention. You can go 20,000 hours straight without any maintenance and the performance of the beamer won’t be affected. So, minimal attention is required once the initial is done.

ProAssist setup buddy: For a much quicker and hassle-free installation, ProAssist setup buddy will be available from June 2020. It can help you to set up the projector much quicker with the capabilities including color blending, white balance, lens uniformity, and adjustment for better results.

Remote Adjustment: You can adjust the lens, focus, and zoom without making any physical adjustment to the projector. A motorized lens shift allows you to do all that without accessing the project physically. With a low weight of around 51 kg, you can say that NEC PX2000UL is semi-portable and a perfect device for different applications.

Easy Installation: Built-in HDBaseT allows you to connect beamer with a single for audio, video, and control signals. With integrated edge blending performance, blending multiple images is never a problem for NEC PX2000UL.


So, with all super specifications and advantages, there isn’t much left that NEC PX2000UL can’t do. It is perfect for any occasion and if you want extremely large high-quality images, edge blending technology of NEC PX2000UL allows you to do that extremely easily. It can project from any surface that can reflect light like traditional screens or sides of the building. In its starting days, NEC PX2000UL has not displayed any shortcomings and with extremely lows maintenance costs, the cost of ownership gets reduced significantly.

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