HP Pavilion Gaming – an affordable gaming laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming

The HP Pavilion gaming laptop came up in the market last year in April. Although we know the gaming pie is quite big, HP is seemingly getting a large slice out of it with this product. You can invest your money into getting a decent and functional laptop, but choosing the HP Pavilion is especially wise when it comes to affordability. Now, you would think that this cost-effectiveness might come with a compromise on the quality, but you are wrong to think of that about the HP Pavilion Gaming laptop. 


The laptop has an anti-glare backlit screen of 15.6 inches. The bezels are narrowed to give a better user experience and looks. With an impressive 1920 by 1080 pixel number, the laptop provides an epic display. When the lid is closed, the computer is only thick by one inch that gives it a sleek appearance. 


The processor used in this laptop is the Intel i5 processor, the eighth generation processor is putting out four gigahertz in the Turbo Boost. Otherwise, it has an appropriate capacity of 2.3 gigahertz. The i5 eighth-generation processor comes with a cache of 8 MB and has four cores. This makes it able to support intense gaming without any lags.


A graphic card is a highly critical feature to look into when it comes to choosing an appropriate gaming laptop. The HP Pavilion gaming laptop has a graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. It possesses four gigs of the GDDR5 for allocation, which makes it highly supportive for intense gaming sessions. 


The laptop can handle gaming with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM in its hardware. However, running simultaneous massive operations through this model is not feasible. This is where the Optane memory of the gaming laptop comes to play its role. The Optane memory has an additional memory drive of 16 GB that powers up the RAM and makes the bootup process quite fast. So when the RAM reaches its maximum capacity, the Optane memory feature helps to get everything in control. 


  • Solid build with weight more than 5 pounds 
  • Backlit keyboard for added aesthetic appeal
  • Highly functional processor
  • Highly functional NVIDIA graphics card
  • Innovative Optane memory that compensates RAM capacity


  • RAM capacity is not competitive enough
  • Screen quality could be better 
  • Upgrading to the i7 processor would be expensive


The HP Pavilion gaming laptop is one of the best choices when it comes to affordable laptops with decent functions. If you are looking for a gaming experience where you can enjoy while playing your favorite game, this one is a laptop you should consider buying. However, the limited RAM capacity makes this machine uncomfortable for those who would like running big memory games on their laptops. Also, we see that its competitors seem to have much better RAM capacity than this one. 

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