Best automatic washing machines

Automatic Washing Machines

Automatic washing machine: an introduction

Since their invention in 1930 automatic washing machines became more and more a necessary household appliance.

Of course, you would’ve never thought that one day your washing machine would’ve become like a real computer. But this what happened! The automatic washing machines are a life-saver invention.

What to look for?

Today’s washing machines are having more and more functionalities. As I said, some of them can look like real computers. This can get a little bit scary for people that are not used to deal with technology and new tech products.

You can spend hours learning all the possible functionalities that you can find on the market nowadays. I think the ones that you really need to look for are actually not so many.

LED display: I think the presence of a led display is super useful. At one glance you will be able to understand what’s going on. This display is very useful, especially when your washing machine is equipped with a lot of features.

Timer: This is a feature that helps you in saving money and time. The timer triggers the start of a washing program. The advantage is very clear. You can start a program whenever you want without being present. This is very useful if you’re a person that does not spend so much time at home.

Smart is better

I am sure you have a smartphone. Why don’t you want to have a smart washing machine? Yes, I am not kidding! Some brands are integrating smart technologies to make their washing machines smart. LG, for example, created SmartThinQ technology that allows you to control your household appliances, including your washing machine. LG is not the only one. Samsung is also using similar technology.

What can a smart washing machine do?

Every brand offers different smart functionalities. But all of them have in common one thing: the mobile app. To use a smart washing machine you need to install on your smartphone the respective mobile app. Once you do that you are able to control your device from everywhere in the world. You can decide to start a program, to stop a program and to check the progress of a program.

Some of the brands offer also full integration with Google home and Amazon Alexa. This means that you can command the washing machine using your voice.

Best automatic washing machines

I am going to give you some tips about some models that I found really interesting.

LG WM3499HVA – the LG top-level machine

Very high-quality washing machine. LG is the pioneer in the smart washing machine market. With this model LG went to the next level. The design is super elegant, with its graphite steel color.

LG WM3499HVA also dries your clothes after washing them. The dryer takes approximately 2 hours to completely dry your clothes. It uses a drying technology called ventless drying to dry your clothes without the need for external venting.

The cleaning is very deep, thanks to the use of steam. The steam penetrate the clothes and eliminate dirt.

Smart features are also available using the SmartThing app, available both for IoS and Android.


  • high-quality materials
  • elegant design
  • smart
  • steam usage


  • software-wise is a little bit slow
Samsung WF42H5000AW – silent and smart

A silent and efficient washing machine. The Vibration reduction technology minimizes the noises. You will be able to run your programs while you sleep.

It’s a smart washing machine. You can run a check-up by just using the Smart Care mobile app. Not only that! you can also set up your programs with the app. You can choose the water temperature and other settings on your mobile phone.


  • very silent
  • steam usage
  • smart


  • none

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