Cooling apps for your phone – are they ok?

Cooling apps

Hi guys, today I am going to talk about the topic that is actually raising more and more in the last years: are cooling apps useful?

On the google play store, there are many of them. And It’s becoming very common nowadays to have your phone overheating a little bit. With the newest technologies and frameworks, more and more energy is needed to run your apps.

Heating on the phone

But from where is this heating coming from? The heating of the phone is due to the hardware. Every component inside of the phone needs electricity to run. When certain software is running, the respective component in the hardware has to perform a task. This task produces heat.

Phone is getting too hot?

When a lot of processes are running at the same time, a lot of electricity is being used by the components in the hardware. Increasing the number of processes that our software is generating can cause an overheating of your phone. The easiest solution is just to terminate all your not necessary processes, which are maybe due to some apps still running on the background.

Are cooling apps useful?

As I explained the main reason for the heating is the hardware. The cooling apps are actually doing what I mentioned before. They just go through all your running processes and analyze which ones are consuming more CPU, i.e. are producing more heating. So the answer to the question is: “No, these cooling apps are not so useful”.


So what I suggest is actually to always close the apps that you don’t need at the moment. This will decrease the workload of the CPU and the overall heating. If you need to cool your phone down immediately, just put it in airplane mode for 2-3 minutes. It will do the trick.

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