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Superman games

Our beloved superhero is the protagonist of today’s gaming insight about Superman games.

An Overview

Faster than any bullet in this world, he can lift a train, a plane, or even a mountain. He can actually move the planet itself—the attractive blue uniform, majestic red cape, and the big “S” on his chest; Superman is one of the most recognizable and loved DC Super Heroes of all-time. In fact, he is the world’s first-ever superhero and has spent more than 80 years fighting never-ending battles for justice. This famous character is the last of his kind from the doomed planet Krypton and was sent to earth in a spaceship. Raised in Smallville Kansas, he is the most ultimate superhero can ever get.

Superman in games

As he is the most famous superhero of all-time with all the godly powers, one can believe that everything he touches must become the gold standard. However, this is not really the case. Recently, we have seen a trend of DC icons becoming hugely famous in video games. Especially Spiderman and Batman becoming the darling of gaming platforms; Superman has his own struggles. Despite being the best hero, Superman has struggled both on the silver screen as well as the video games. Amazingly, Superman has never had a wondrous videogame that represents the character but only a few fun appearances in-game like Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe or the Injustice franchise. Out of a pool of 29 games, it’s hard to find one captivating feature. However, let’s look at the evolution of the Superman video games. The first-ever game Superman was developed in 1979 for Atari 2600. In the game, the player-controlled Superman and repair damages caused by his all-time enemy Lex Luthor. The player captured Lex and returned to Daily Planet as soon as possible. Here is what the gameplay looked like at that time. (Picture)

Superman: The Game was released on the Commodore 64, and changed the dynamics a little bit. The game featured different levels, heat vision and an option to play as Darkseid in the game. Although things were improved, however, it still was not enough for the amazing man of steel. In 1987, Superman was introduced to Nintendo Entertainment System the game featured a wide range of Superman’s abilities and required to play as Clark Kent as well. Around this time Superman games also hit the arcade and the game also allowed two players. In 1994, Death and Return of Superman from Sunsoft improved dramatically on the overall experience of the game and also introduced other playable superman characters from comics. Even after years, it is argued to be one of the top Superman games. In 2002, the first Xbox exclusive Superman game was released this game was based on the comic version of Superman and dwelled through comic mythologies. In the same year Superman: Shadow of Apokolips was also released which is argued to the best Superman game. It allows the players to really feel like Superman. It featured better animation and even better voice-overs as well. Gameplay was significantly enhanced, and Superman could use his powers in both fight and flight and switch quickly as well. The latest game featuring Superman as the main character was released in 2006, but despite being modern, it is still not the best game. However, it does function Superman’s powers well, but it did not give gamers much to look forward to. This was the only game which developed relatively right and proper game mechanics, but the rest of it was a disappointment.


The fact that Superman game was launched 15 years ago and Superman’s colossal fan following shows that a good Superman game can really make the difference. However, we will have to wait and watch.

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