Street Fighter – the most popular characters

Street Fighter

Street Fighter game series is hand downs, one of the most iconic fighting games ever created! The game series contains quite a long list of characters, plenty of which are playable. Today, I have completed the task of curating a list of some of the most popular characters from this franchise.


He is the main protagonist of the street fighter game series, and nobody can deny the fact that he is one of the most iconic characters in the world of fighting games! Ryu became an orphan at a young age with no knowledge and memory about his parents. Gouken, a fatherly figure to Ryu trained him and his best friend, Ken. Ryu has managed to always vibe in the positive direction with his sheer determination to become the best martial artist and HADOUKEN away all the negativity!


Chun-Li is the main female protagonist of the series. In her early life, her father taught her Chinese martial arts, and soon she became an incredibly skilled fighter and inherited her father’s legendary legs! She can be called the Alpha Female of the show! With her amazing leadership skills and battle prowess, Chun Li fights against the bad guys as a highly efficient warrior.

Ken Masters

The spoiled rich brat, Ken Masters is the son of a Tycoon hotel owner in the U.S. His father sent him to Japan so that Gouken could knock some discipline and martial arts into him. So Being disciples to the same master, Ken and Ryu are mirror images of each other with the same fighting style and technique, though Ryu becomes superior to him in the long run. So in other words, Ken is the cool version of Ryu!


Akuma, who is said to be the demon of the series, is a cold-hearted warrior that has got standards of his own. At the beginning, Akuma and his brother learnt Martial Arts thanks to Goutetsu who also taught them the deadly art of Satsui no Hado. Akuma embraced this sinister art and let go of any compassion residing in his heart. Akuma is the most badass character of the show who always does what he feels like doing, never abandons his principles and fights only those who he deems worthy of a duel. 

M. Bison

With his military attire and pure sinister personality, M. Bison is the badass primary villain that we needed to counter all this positivity. M. Bison, as evil as one could be, with his iconic in-game phrase ‘this will become your grave’ spreads terror all over the globe. With not even his conscience to jolt him, Bison murdered his own master and attained the evil ‘Psycho Power’ which he mastered and used to sabotage everything that comes his way. 


Sagat is a complex character of Street Fighter that we cannot put under the label of the good or bad guy. He has got this unfriendly and unforgiving personality and has committed some really heinous acts. And one of such acts left his one eye wounded that he covers with a huge black eye-patch. Sagat, who was initially a very shitty person, leads the journey of self-realization that makes him have the same views as Ryu.  


Finally, we all needed a bad girl in this list! Juri is the badass girl who loves to make others suffer and ravish every moment of their pain. Well, this ruthless beauty master the skill of Taekwondo Martial Arts. As matter of fact, Juri looks like the dark mirror image of Chun-Li, both their fathers were assassinated, as Chun-Li takes the path of law, Juri becomes a merciless killer and embarks on her own dark path of vengeance.

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