HP Omen 15 – the gaming laptop from HP

HP Omen 15

Today I am going to talk about a beast. HP Omen 15 is an elegant and super thin laptop.

But behind the little size lives superb hardware. The graphic card NVIDIA GeForce will make you completely satisfied during your gaming sessions. In addition to the graphics, there is the Intel Core i7 processor that makes it fast and responsive.


The display has a 15.6″ diagonal. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD. The 144 Hz refresh rate maybe is not optimal for the gaming experience. As I stated in another article, an ideal refresh rate of a gaming monitor should be 240 Hz.


The keyboard is very elegant. All the keys are retro illuminated. The power off button is also red retro illuminated. The keyboard includes a trackpad with right and left buttons.


On the left side of the HP Omen 15 there is a SD slot, two 3.5 mm jacks (microphone and earphones) and an USB 3.1 connector.

In the back, we have an HDMI port, a mini display port, an Ethernet jack, and another USB 3.1 port.

On the right there is the third and last USB port and a LED that indicates when laptop is working.


As I said in the beginning, processor-wise the laptop is very good. The Intel Core 7 is of the 8th generation with clock rate of 2.2 Ghz.

The cooling system consists of 2 fans and 2 mini feet. They allow some space between the laptop and the surface where it stands, which helps with the air circulation.

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