Best Bose Sleepbuds Alternatives (January 2021)

bose sleepbuds alternative


Bose Sleepbuds Alternative? That’s not an easy question to answer. Many companies launched their Sleepbuds noise-masking commercially after a few years of production and early product tests with an Indiegogo initiative. The best sleepbuds are genuinely wireless earphones designed to sit overnight in your ears. They play audio tracks that conceal usual night noises such as street noises, drunken neighbors, or snoring partners as you go to bed.

Special characteristics of sleeping earphones

Not only do the Sleepbuds use unbelievable noise reduction technology. But also they are the right way to make sure you sleep well at night. They are built to feel weightless and relaxed during the night — even for side-sleepers like myself 🙂 They don’t play songs from external computers or any other audio. Forget to stream Spotify, music archives, or podcasts.

Bose Sleepbuds Alternative: the candidates

Looking for best sleepbuds, that are alternatives to the Bose Sleepbuds? Here we are. The following list contains all the best bose sleepbuds alternative that you can find on the market.

Amazfit Zenbuds (Our Pick)

First on this list, and first in our ranking is this model from Amazon.

These wireless sleep buds contain 10 pre-charged calming sounds, housed in internal flash memory, using an enhanced version of the Hush’s technology. Seas Sounds replace and block ambient noise, such as busy traffic, bruising neighbors, or snoring companion, that keeps you alert at night.

Launched on CES 2020 this year, Zenbuds from Amazfit is a feature-packed pair of wireless earbuds designed to help your sleep objectives by providing the right atmosphere With sleep-inducing relaxing and calming sounds they ensure a better rest in the night. Huami is the sole maker of the Mi Band line for Xiaomi, the largest mobile producer in China, and also manufactures its range of smartwatches and fitness products. Along with the PowerBuds, a harder version designed for sports/fitness, the AmazfitZenbuds were released. The Zenbuds has been customized to the needs of sleepers in particular.

Zenbuds weighs just 1.78 g per earbud, which is about 3 times smaller than Apple’s Airpod Pro wireless Headphones due to an ergonomic, unbelievably lightweight shape factor built to prevent earbuds from dropping overnight.


  • Ultra-compact ergonomic system – a concept that assists people in jumping around in bed and swapping sides protection from exterior sounds, with a comfortable fit system.
  • Long-life battery: auto-shut 12 hours, one charge for a time of up to 8 days. An extra 56 hours of power is supplied with a charging case.
  • Sleep tracking – advanced devices track the night’s sleep, quality of sleep, and heart rate. Metric sleep monitoring in the following framework.
  • Personal alarm – an automated alarm device wakes you softly in the morning without competing with your companion.


  • It doesn’t fit and doesn’t stay in place during the night.
  • No noise-cancellation is active.
  • There’s something lost in the bass.
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Moonbow (Dublabs) Bedphones

You could find the moonbow from DubsLabs if you have trouble falling asleep and need this extra to give you an edge to a good night’s sleep.

Science suggests that our brains are programmed to respond to music that affects hormone levels and the composition of the body positively. Since technology had not until now established a means of transmitting this personal and confidential music to an individual.

The DubsLabs Bedphones are beautiful because they can be plied and shaped to uniquely fit your ears. They are so much better than most sleep headphones that a headband has to repair them over your face. DubsLabs has produced an incredibly small and lightweight earphone. DubsLabs bedphones are just one ounce and a half. These thin headphones have a thickness of less than 1⁄4 inch. There are two styles of moonbows: wired and wireless. Be it wired or wireless, they are both compact, lightweight, and robust.


  • When laying on your back, very easy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Clear audio, podcasts, and less intrusive audio content headphones.
  •  Bluetooth 5.
  • It takes around 12-13 hours for a complete discharge.
  • Fast to use the inline volume control.


  • If you lay on your side for a long time, it can be painful.
  • Sometimes It can’t stay in place easily during the night.
  • No noise-cancellation is active.
  • There’s something lost in the bass.


The DubsLabs bedphone is easily fitted with headphones for sitting in bed or laying on your back. They work well through Bluetooth, and the sound of the speaker is adequate to appreciate the soft music during the evenings. They could be lacking a bit of bass reaction and have no successful noise cancellation. However, the lightweight style suits those who want to listen to their music softly in bed and yet hear other noises throughout the house.

WINONLY SleepPhones

Drunk dorm friends, honking horns, thumping clubs, all-night music scenes. Noise can cause big sleep issues wherever the source, and typically you can do nothing to avoid it, whichever is the source.

I usually use foam earplugs that absorb the majority of the sound cheaply and easily, but appear to pop out in the night. Typically, if they don’t, I wake up in the morning with burning ears. Silicone and wax are a bit better, but they seem rather disgusting when I use them more than a few times. Since I’m still on the lane, holding substituting them is neither feasible nor economical. SleepPhones was the only, most convenient sleep headphones to help over a million people improve sleep. Planned for ease and comfort during sleep. The excellent, very good flat headphone speakers are sufficiently comfortable to carry when sitting down or sleeping at your side, making it one of the candidates for best sleepbuds.


  • Comfortable to use in bed – with side sleepers in particular.
  • Nice sound.
  • Headband audio control module.
  • Soft, non-overheating headband.
  • Charge via USB for 10 hours of use in 2-3 hours.
  • Washable computer (when parts are removed)


  • No noise cancellation active.
  • The controller and speaker module are not mounted so the location can be adjusted at night.


The WINONLY SleepPhones are the best wireless headphones in regards to comfort during the sleep. The flat speaker and the fluffy padding lets you decrease the pressure on your ears than normal headsets when you are a side sleeper. Although the extra padding does not help, the sound of the speaker is more than sufficient enough to hear music, radio, or podcast as you relax and sleep.

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QuietOn ZQuiet

Your food, your workout, the state of mind, the temperature in your space, the Feng Shui in your space, or hundreds of others are the key to ensuring your night’s sleep, are all the factors that can affect your sleep. But most people believe you need a peaceful spot first and foremost to sleep. Anything that doesn’t matter, otherwise. Silence, though, can be elusive as sleep itself, which is why QuietOn created the $200 QuietOn Sleep earbuds. They use active noise cancellation technology (ANC) which can block more sound than foam earplug alone, according to QuietOn. This model is a real candidate for being a Bose Sleepbuds Alternative.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Audio control module.
  • Noise cancellation technology.
  • 20 hours per charge.


  • None.


The first noise cancellation model of QuietOn was directed at travelers firmly. The best case to use is avoiding the cabin noise while seated upright in your seat. It is much tougher to produce a variant for sleepers. You are sure to derive genuine benefit from such earbuds when you sleep on your back and suffer from a loud atmosphere (or loud partner). They minimize noise more quickly than conventional earplugs. They sit in place in your ears during the night more than most wireless earplugs or headphones.

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Maxrock Soft Silicon Earbuds

The MaxRock soft silicon earphones are one of the best budget choices for your sleep headphones. Their price is very low. Made of silicone, they are soft to wear instead of rubber, so they do not result up scratching into your ear as your ear looks at the cushion, contrary to many earbud styles. The architecture of the double layer earbud essentially protects your ears from exterior sounds, which cancel passive sounds. The result is that these earbuds give a nice sound and fit your ear very well.


  • It is rare for people to find earbuds compact enough to be used daily.
  • These earbuds are very handy and comfortable.
  • They are soft and not as poor as the others.
  • These lower-cost earbuds enable for price-conscious consumers a perfect budget alternative.
  • Produced of silicone rather than rubber-wear comfortable do not dig in the ear canal.
  • Silicone tip designs with double layer so that earbuds do not pop out during sleep or jogging.
  • Have an embedded microphone for calling.
  • Comes in black and green and comes with a sturdy headset storage zipper case.


  • The materials look a little bit cheap, but not too cheap for the price you pay.


The Maxrock Headphones have a 3,5 mm jack connector that suits every normal audio system with an integrated microphone. When you buy the earbuds, you can get a sturdy bonus zipper case and whether you like the black or green sleep earbuds. You’ll find the MaxRock headphones an acceptable choice not just for sleeping. You can use them also when you are travelling, running, or doing sport.

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Kokoon EEG Headphones

Kokoon has stepped into the market with amazing EEG headphones laced with sleep sensing technology. EEG technology can track and measure the waves emitting from the brain. Not only EEG and comfy design, but kokoon headphone also has amazing features like noise cancellation, Bluetooth 4.0, microphones that detect and hide noises. All the features make the headphone your perfect partner both for traveling and home use.


  • Ultra comfort.
  • Dual-use: Sleeping partner and everyday use.
  • Cut active noises and disturbances.
  • Aux cable can be used when the battery is drained.


  • Might disturb some people who prefer side-sleeping.
  • Not light-weighted.
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Shure SE215-CL 

Shure SE215-CL may not feel like the best designed bedphones. But apart from thîs, Shure SE215-CL have all the things you may look in bedphones. Plus, they offer a very good sound quality with an enhanced bass system.

Insulation wise, they can grant a noise reduction up to 37dB. They are not wireless. But at the end of the day, they are very light and comfortable to wear. They come with a nice carrying case with a zip system.

If you don’t like cables there is also a bluetooth version of SE215 in 4 colors (Clear: SE215-CL-BT1, Black: SE215-K-BT1, Blue: SE215SPE-B-BT1, White: SE215SPE-W-BT1).


  • Very light.
  • Easy to install.
  • The Bluetooth version is available in various colors.
  • Quite cheap.


  • Not the best design.
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Final verdict

1. Sleep Headphones

2. Zquiet

Amazon’s Choice

3. Amazfit PowerBuds

Battery Life
10 Hours
8 Hours
8 Hours
Water Resistance Rating
Noice Cancelling

Bose Sleepbuds Alternative? Well, all the models presented are going to be optimal replacements for Bose Sleepbuds. These days sleep buds are the most popular types of headphones, With nearly all people on the planet having a smartphone, in-ear phones give you the best sound insulation and therefore decent sound quality. If you want to have a very decent sleep you must choose the best bose sleepbuds alternative.

But you must ensure that it suits properly, particularly when you twist and turn all night long. You could find that those in-ear pads dig in your ear at night when you are sleeping… not an enjoyable experience.

Hygiene is another factor that I have to take into account in the earphones. You have a fair risk of the number of bacteria in your ears every night by wearing your earphones for hours. So note this if you don’t want an ear infection.

As a final verdict I’d suggest to go for the ones that feature the noise cancellation technology. Honestly I think this technology is very useful if you really want to ensure good quality to your sleep.

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