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best sony Bravia TV


There is no doubt that Sony Bravia TV has been a complete revolution in the world of electronics. It is a typical reflection of how technology has advanced over the years with some high picture and audio quality. Are you searching for the perfect Sony smart TV to add to your home? Do you know that most of what is available in the market can’t meet your needs in such regards?

There is no need to bother as you have come to the right place. The major aim of this post is to reveal the best Sony Bravia TVs. You will be spoilt with plenty of options to choose from. With the details below, you will be getting good value for money.

How To Choose A Sony Bravia

Most people have the problem of purchasing the wrong TV. This doesn’t have to be rocket science especially when you know how to choose the best. The tips below will help you out in this regards today. Follow them whenever you plan buying a Sony smart TV.  

Consider screen type

This is one of the most important features you must consider in a Sony Bravia TV before making any financial commitment. You need to find out whether such TV has LCD, OLED, or even QLED screen type. LCDs are always very affordable as compare to the other options. However, they don’t have the same picture quality.

OLED and QLED are very slim with great picture quality. They will not only offer the perfect viewing experience but also make your living room more beautiful. Sony OLED TV is the talk of the town due to its numerous advantages such as crisp images, vibrant, crisp, and sharp colors. 

Smart features

Sony Bravia TVs with smart features are increasingly becoming more popular amongst people. This is due to the uncompromising experience they can offer. For instance, if you are planning to buy a Sony smart TV, there are some key features to look out for. These could be in-built Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi. Others are BBC iPlayer, YouTube apps, and Netflix.

Furthermore, always check whether the Sony smart TV supports streaming features. Also, find out whether Google Play Movies is available. Even if the Sony Bravia you find in the market doesn’t have all of these features, it should contain most of them.

TV screen size

Before selecting features of a Sony Bravia TV, it is crucial to decide on your preferred screen size. We already talked about screen sizes in our previous article. The major factor that will mostly determine what screen size you choose to buy is the size of your budget. The bigger your preferred TV inch, the higher your budget.

There are different options you can explore in this regard. These could be 32inch, 40inch, 48inch, 52inch, 60inch, 65inch, and more. Please note that the bigger its screen size, the better your chances of having an immersive viewing experience. 

HD resolution

This is something to take into serious consideration. You can decide to stick with a Sony OLED TV which comes with 4k resolution. In simple terms, this is what determines your television’s picture quality. Anything lower can bring about the low quality of the picture. Experts are predicting that the year 2020 is the time when 8k resolution TVs will start making headlines. You can decide to buy a TV of 4k solution and still get good value for money.

The best Sony Bravia

Based on the tips which have been explained above, there is every reason to believe that you don’t have any problem purchasing a Sony Bravia TV of your choice. In order to make life much easier, some of the best Sony BRAVIA televisions will be revealed. Just go through each of them and make a decision based on their features.

Sony X800H 49inch

In terms of size and quality combination, this Sony Bravia is ahead of most brands in the market. The image quality is really impressive. There is no doubting the fact that this TV is a major upgrade on most Sony models. With its 4k pictures, you won’t miss out on the action. Also, it comes with triluminos display features to ensure advanced color as well as gradation. The colors are also worth talking about as they are vibrant thereby making scenes come alive. Finally, it provides users with a perfect streaming experience.


  • It has lots of fantastic apps.
  • 100% privacy protection as your data is fully secured.
  • It has a solid build.
  • Its game mode can meet the needs of gamers.
  • Compatible with Alexa.


  • The colors are a little bit too dark especially environments where light seem to be minimal.
  • Bluetooth headphones are not supported.

Sony XBR-49X950H

Sony has been known to have one of the best processors when it comes to analyzing content for boosting of color, contrast, and sharpness. This is what Sony XBR-49X950H has got to offer as it makes your content more realistic. This Sony smart TV takes your viewing experience to a whole new level with some outstanding features.

Most users love its android features which include Google assistant. Through this, you can control various devices around your home with your voice. Its 4k resolution ensures picture quality is very high. For the first time, you will notice how scenes have become more natural.


  • Easy to install.
  • Pictures are vibrant and lively.
  • The audios are of great quality.
  • It has lots of smart features integrated.


  • It doesn’t support AV connections.
  • The remote seems too complicated to use.
  • The HD quality isn’t that great for its price.

Sony XBR-65X900F

Sony XBR-65X900F isn’t just known for its high definition pictures. Also, it has become very popular due to how it has been stylishly designed. It has managed to win the heart of many people around the world due to its Android interface. This is one of those TVs that are worth their expensive price tags with some premium features.

For instance, Dolby Vision HDR is supported for better viewing experience. Most customers have been quick to point out its bright colors and crisp images. They also love its multiple inputs which aid the easy connection of other devices. These are 1 USB3.0, 2 USB2.0, and 4 HDMI ports. There are users who claimed its Bluetooth connectivity has made life much easier.


  • It has an attractive design.
  • Its color performance is excellent.
  • It comes with numerous features.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Depending on the environment, the pictures can sometimes appear too dark.
  • The mainstream apps which are compatible with Sony platform are few depending on your country.

Sony XBR-65A9G

Sony XBR-65A9G is one of those premium TVs you don’t come across too often. In case you are looking for the perfect Sony OLED TV, it ticks all the boxes with some great features. Users have praised its stereo sound system as being “terrific”. If you are looking for a modern TV which doesn’t compromise in terms of features, this is one of the best choices to make.

It may be expensive at over $3000 but there is no doubt that it is worth every penny. Its simple and stylish design have caught the eyes of users. Its streaming features gives users the chance of exploring platforms like YouTube, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more. Also, users have praised its picture quality as being very high. HDR is fully supported.


  • Pictures are excellent with very strong contrast.
  • It is perfect for gamers.
  • Its audio quality is very high.
  • Its design is very attractive.


  • The problem with this TV is that its price is quite high for the average Joe. It is worth it though given its premium features.


Sony Bravia FW43BZ35F

According to most users of Sony Bravia FW43BZ35F, it is highly energy-efficient. Its display is a typical example of how far Sony has gone in terms of technology with some crisp and breathtaking pictures. There are users who have been very impressed with its easy mounting as well as installation process.

Furthermore, its in-built application/software platform gives you access to your favorite apps without any third-party installation. This TV has been created to achieve one purpose which is ensuring that users like you have the ultimate viewing experience. Its 4k images are not only looking clearer but also 100% natural.


  • Highly flexible installation.
  • It is perfect for different environments/surroundings.
  • High quality images and sound.
  • It is highly reliable in terms of durability.
  • Lots of features.


  • Although its resolution of 4K UHD (2160p) is great, Sony can improve on such to ensure users have much better viewing experience.


Based on the above, it can be seen that there are lots of Sony Bravia TVs to choose from in the market. In order to be on a much safer side, it is important to make your choice from the different options which have been listed above. These options have tested and proven to be very good and can meet your needs.  

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