Best Monitor For Streaming Movies

Best Monitor For Streaming


Looking for the best monitor for streaming movies? Yes, you got the right guide 😉

Streaming platforms are becoming very popular nowadays. Passed is the time, when we were to the rental shop to buy VHS for our nights 😉 But with the advance in connectivity and in monitor technologies, it became more and more difficult to find the best monitor for watching movies.

FreeSync VS G-Sync, which technology?

When you look for a monitor you need to consider which technology you’re going to buy. If you choose a monitor that features particular technology to avoid for example tearing, you may end to pay a little more. This kind of monitor can be a little heavy in the pocket but you have to spend some money to get the best of the bests. G-Sync technology, for example, improves the overall picture quality, giving you the best experience when streaming movies.

Best Monitor For Streaming – Our Picks

In the following list, we will be covering different brands of monitors, with the only aim to give you the best monitor for watching movies. We looked in various forums and read the experience of customers. We came up with this list of models and for each of them, we will provide a list of specifications and of pros and cons.

Dell S2719DGF


This monitor from Dell testifies more and more how Dell monitors are synonym of good picture quality. With its 155Hz panel, Dell S2719DGF can deliver amazing and crispy pictures.

The high refresh rate is also accompanied by a super fast response time. If you are a gamer, you know that these 2 factors are essential. The 155Hz will also grant you with a good flow of pictures and you will enjoy your movies at the best.

This model is one of the high-end dell monitors with a resolution of 1440p 4K beauty. The IPS panel is the other thing that is to die for and compensate the bang to buck value significantly.

Talking about design

Talking about the design-build, you will be getting a matte black finish. Streamers prefer the flat bezel around the edge as more screens can be attached to it so you can read comments while streaming. With HDMI ports, USB ports, headphones, and audio ports, you have all the necessary source ports right in front of you.

Some small negative aspects for gamers

With all the qualities and specifications, the only drawback of this beautiful monitor is weak HDR performance in dark areas or low light areas. So, sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate between black and grey spots under low lights but apart from that, you don’t have to worry about a thing. IF you are a hardcore gamer, you won’t even notice the low HDR performance. However, if you are watching a movie or documentary, you might not notice the tiny details in low light. If you are a gamer and looking for a Freesync monitor then Dell S2719DGF is the optimal choice.


  • 1440p resolution with a 155 Hz refresh rate provides a top-notch display and gaming experience.
  • Top of the line sleek design to go perfectly with your gaming room setup
  • Wide-angle allows you to cover more screen area and angles.


  • Poor HDR performance and low clarity in dark areas.

Asus VG27AQ


Next, up on our list is Asus VG27AQ with promising FreeSync compatibility and ultra HD gaming experience. With 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, you are looking at the beast when it comes to video quality. IPS display and amazing speed make it perfect for both console and PC gamers to enjoy their favorite games. With overclocking you can boost the refresh rate to 165 Hz but that is not required in the majority of cases. Multi-monitor setup is also an option so whether you are streaming or had 2 devices you won’t have a problem teaming up with Asus VG27AQ.

Super good colors and and more

The vibrant colors and sharp finesse to even the last pixel are quite remarkable. With adjustable settings and an easy menu, you can adjust the quality as per your liking. The design-build is ergonomically perfected to ensure your neck muscles are relaxed at all times. With all the qualities, the only thing that comes off as negative is some gamers faced the issue of blur around the edges playing certain games. Yes, some games can be heavy on GPU than the others and some GPU might not be delivering complete performance due to bottleneck issues.

However, blurring around the edges only for some games is still not justified. We would not say this drawback but the opinionated decision that some people don’t like the sheen with a matte black finish. You can agree or disagree with the point but still, the negative point is negative as people are talking about it.


  • Superior specifications for ultra results.
  • Vibrant colors and sharp pixels.
  • Easily adjustable settings for adjusting the video as per your liking.
  • Smooth gaming experience.


  • Blur on the edges while running some games.
  • The shiny look alongside the matt black finish was a turnoff for a few people.

AOC Agon AG273QX


AOC agon AG273QX is one of the fastest monitors and if you can’t compromise on the speed of your Freesync monitor then this is your perfect choice. The 27 inches panel will also make you feel immersed in your movie. The outstanding 165Hz refresh rate is just the icing on the top. Why is it so fast? Well, the fast response time of this monitor is 1 ms. With that much speed, you won’t be missing out on anything, and for this reason, this model is another best monitor for streaming movies. We have often seen with a quicker refresh rate, the quality of the picture drops but not with the beast monitor. So, no compromise is made on the quality of the image and the quality of colors for that faster refresh rate. You can label this beautiful model as an all-rounder as you are not making any compromise and still getting the speed that you desire.

Looking at it from the outside

Talking about the design, the screen size is perfect and color finishing is also on point. The only that bugs the gamers is the massive and intrusive stand. So, if you are not a fan of big stands then you might be at an impasse to choose between speed or design-build. From the eyes of true critics, we came to know that contrasts are not up to full standards in low light. Unfortunately, the model is not available in the US at the moment and only EU-gamers can get their hands on it so if you are in the US you can go for its perfect alternative AG241QX with a slight difference in refresh rate.


  • Speed, speed, and speed. The amazingly swift screen speed is to die for.
  • Bright and colorful pictures are perfect value for the money you are spending.
  • Pre-sets are almost universal liked by everyone.


  • Design is massive with an equally big stand.
  • Contrasts do not work with superior quality in dark-themed games.



We have talked about high-end monitors but low budget gamers don’t have a choice until now. If you want to enjoy high frame rate gaming and don’t have a ridiculous amount of cash, then you can go for AOC G2590FX. With AOC G2590FX, you will enjoy sync free option in an almost bezel-less screen. Now the color quality and viewing angles will definitely be at loss but the 144Hz lightning-fast refresh rate compensates it heavily. In other words, if your GPU is powerful enough, this screen can show off all the frames that GPU can manage to squeeze.

Good Performance and more…

With the Freesync compatibility, you won’t be facing any kind of lag or shuttering on the screen due to a fast refresh rate. 1080p resolutions are not that bad but in comparison to 1440p, they are just not that good.

Very good looking 😉

The overall design of the monitor is solid and sleek at the same time. So, if you want to set up a gaming room, you can easily adjust the monitor and the perfect design-build will go with the theme. The TN panel might not be your go-to option but it makes the monitor super affordable with Freesync capability. So the ratio price-quality makes this model another good candidate for being the best monitor for streaming movies.


  • Excellent color range.
  • Slim design with a faster refresh rate.
  • Affordable price.


  • Viewing angles are not exactly up to the standards.

Samsung C27RG5


Samsung came with curved LEDs first and in the freesync technology; they are probably no.1 again with a curved monitor that supports G-sync compatible freesync monitor niche. So, if you want to turn up the heat and like to get your hands on the curved monitor, then going with trusted screen makers is not a bad option. Samsung proudly presents C27RG5 with a lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate. Now combine this refresh rate with a response time of 4ms and apply these specifications to a 27-inch monitor.

Our thoughts about it

The result will be the fastest and smoothest vivid images that any gaming monitor can offer. Samsung shifting from TVs to monitors certainly knows how to make an entry into the gaming industry. This marketing strategy surely works in the way of Samsung and gamers as both parties are at profit here. The design-build is sleek and stylish and it will enhance the beauty of your setup. You can go with RGB lights and your perfect gaming room is finally complete with one of the best monitor for streaming movies.


  • A lightning-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz is indeed exceptional.
  • Curved screens provide a more intense gaming experience.
  • The quality refresh rate keeps you one step ahead in first-person shooting games.


  • Only VA panel.

Alienware AW2521HF


Alienware AW2521 is one of the most affordable G-sync compatible freesync monitor screens with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a response time of 1ms. SO, if you want to compete at a professional level by playing games like Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offense, League of Legends, PUBG PC, and Apex Predator, this monitor is perfect for high-quality game results and pixel-perfect quality. With a faster refresh rate, you won’t be at disadvantage in first-person shooting games.

Very high standards

With that response time and refresh rate, you will be getting the smooth picture and ultra quality colors and enjoy gaming to its full extent. However, if you are a fan of single-player games with the story mode, you might want to go for 1440p 4K monitors with a better refresh rate to enhance the quality of the display. It is understandable as you won’t be competing and don’t need too fast a refresh rate that can affect the quality as you don’t have to win from anyone. So, all comes down to the requirements.

If you want to play competitively, you have to keep your system updated to match the opponent’s system and skill level. However, if you are a casual gamer then you will focus on quality rather than a faster refresh rate. The design is solid with a black design to be adjusted with any theme or design. All kinds of ports and backlit make the monitor heaven for competitive gamers. This model is for sure our candidate to be the best monitor for streaming movies.


  • 240 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.
  • Matte black finish and solid design-build.
  • USB 3.0 ports with cable management option.


  • Suitable only for competitive gaming.


All the models we reviewed for you is the best monitor for streaming movies. You will not have any doubt now in selecting the best for you and for your budget. We wish our guide helped you in clearing your ideas. Don’t miss out on our next buyer’s guide!

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