Best Laser Tag Set – Everything you Need to Know

Best Laser Tag Sets


You can turn your own garden or your home in a laser tag arena with the best laser tag set. Laser Tag arenas are famous for the excitement that they can bring for children. Kids love to visit the Laser Tag and play games with their friends. Sensitive vests and infrared guns bring the whole shooting experience close to reality without any violence.

Using Laser beams and overall obstacle course make the laser tag experience immensely entertaining. Sadly, not every kid can enjoy the Laser Tag arena due to the busy schedule of the parents or guardians. But with the introduction of Laser Tag sets, you can turn your backyard into the laser tag arena.

What to look for in a laser tag set

Before buying a Laser Tag set, you need to check out a few things. Important points are the number of guns and vests, controls, user-friendly model, recommended age, the power source of the Laser Tag set.

The number of guns and vests will determine how many people can play. A user-friendly model and good power source will allow your kids to enjoy for a good time without getting confused with complicated controls.

All laser tag guns come with a trigger, a reload button. There are more sophisticated models that bring in also other features. Some of them can switch your shooting mode from a normal gunshot to a rocket launcher.

As you may guess, there are numerous laser tag sets available in the market. So, you need to pick the best set that fulfills all the requirements. We have chosen a few best laser tag sets for you so you do not have to browse through different websites.

Best Laser Tag Sets

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Battle Mega Pack Set

Key Specifications

ArmoGear has provided the ultimate beast laser set with up to 4 guns and vests, and amazing shooting range of 150 feet. You can set up an obstacle course in your garden and backyard and let your kids enjoy the best laser tag experience.

You can communicate with your team member using built-in voice prompts. For late afternoon experience, night vision flashlights are available so the fun will never stop. The only con of this amazing laser tag set is that batteries are not included with the set and shooting sound is a little loud.


  • Very good range.
  • Built-in voice prompts.
  • Night vision flashlights.


  • Batteries not included.

USA Toyz Kids Laser Tag Gun Set

Key Specifications

This Laser Tag set a little low on specifications as compared to ArmoGear but can provide serious laser tag experience. The range is little less up to 130 feet but enough to have a great laser tag experience at home. Multiple guns and training bot can enhance the fun and kids can play competitively to become the laser tag champion.

You can choose between 4 shooting modes: pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, and submachine pistol. A nice thing about the set: the guns vibrate!

Sadly, batteries and vests are not included in the set. You can buy them separately but at least vest should be included in the set.


  • Good range.
  • 4 shooting modes.
  • Vibrating guns.


  • Batteries and vests are not included in the set.


Carefully analyzing all the specifications of different laser tag sets, ArmoGear Infrared Laser Pack Set is the obvious choice.

Laced with the latest technology and user-friendly controls, turning your backyard into a laser tag arena is not difficult. Your kids will love to have a go and spend their time in outdoor activities rather than glued to smartphones or I-Pads. If you can’t take them to the laser tag arena, you can turn your house into the perfect fun land.

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