Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars – All You Need To Know

Best Laptops Under 400 dollars


Looking for the best laptops under 400 dollars? Well, you’re in the right place! Today we’re going to cover a topic related to our budget needs. What laptop can you buy for 400 dollars, that can still have the similar quality and hardware of a more expensive laptop?

When buying any kind of laptops there are factors that you must take into consideration. These can vary accordingly to your needs but also to what you will need the laptop for.

If you’re into video editing, for example, you may consider GPU more than CPU. When filtering your decision on your budget, you may have issues in finding the best balance between quality and price.

Choosing the best laptops under 400 dollars is, therefore, hard work. We searched on the internet for the best options for you.

Before going to the list, there are things that you need to consider before buying a laptop: such as CPU and GPU. Let’s have a look at those.

What to look for in a laptop under 400 dollars?

When you are looking for the best laptops under 400 dollars then you must not forget the following things:


The processing power of laptops is a core factor. When running multitasking sessions or heavy software, you need to have a CPU that can handle that. CPU is the component that represents the strength of your laptop. The stronger is the CPU, the better will be your experience.


Accordingly to the use, you will make of your laptop, you may or not need more memory. For editing videos, for example, you need to cache lots of information about frames in your memory. In video editing, having a good memory size is necessary. Most commonly a 16GB RAM is often preferred for highly effective CPU working. Another set of memory is 32GB RAM. It all depends on the money you put in and the speed you desire.


If you are a gamer then a powerful GPU is what you should always have. The GPU along with an excellent display will enhance the video editing experience by a lot! In general, the best option in this matter are AMD or NVIDIA.

Battery life

Battery life is another important thing to consider when shopping for the best laptops under 400 dollars. When you are outside your home and your desire to keep on with your work is unbearable 😉 you will need a laptop that will last more. There are many laptops on our list with the best battery life.

The Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars: Our Picks

When choosing a laptop under 400 dollars, you have to be careful about what hardware you’re going to have. Going for very cheap components can result in shuttering and lagging. We tried to narrow down the research to the most popular and high-quality products.

Intel Dual-Core i5-4300U
Intel Celeron Processor N4000
Intel HD Graphics
Intel HD Graphics 4400
500 GB
11.6 Inches
14 Inches
11.6 Inches
Max Screen Resolution
1366 x 768 Pixels
1366 x 768
Battery Life
12.83 Hours
12.5 Hours
Price (Listed / Advertised)

Samsung Electronics - Chromebook 4



Brand: Samsung Electronics
Name: Samsung Electronics - Chromebook 4
CPU Brand: Intel Celeron Processor N4000
Storage: 64GB
Display: 11.6 Inches

The ultimate best laptop under 400 dollars is this Samsung model. Its design is very original. With Military-grade durability, you can be sure it’s not going to break anywhere you take. The notebook is extremely thin and refined. It includes great graphics cards which will supply a wonderful experience.

The high refresh rate of the display will make the flow of images very smooth and increase your enjoyment.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Military-grade durability.
  • Good processor


  • Comes with a little low SSD space
Budget Laptop

HP - HP Chromebook 11


536 reviews

Brand: HP
Name: HP - HP Chromebook 11
CPU Brand: Intel
Storage: 16
Disk Type: ATA-4
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics
Display: 11.6 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 Pixels

HP Chromebook 11 represents a good option in case you are looking for a good laptop for your everyday use. With the 2020 edition, the HP Chromebook 11 features a good Ram size that is recommended for editing 4k videos in a very smooth way.

The price tag is also quite lower than its competitors. All this make HP Chromebook 11 is a good choice for video editors who are looking for a cheap yet powerful laptop. Its features fully support the most common software.


  • Good ratio quality/price
  • Great design
  • More than enough storage
  • Quick response time


  • Poor battery
Our Choice

HP - HP EliteBook



Brand: HP
Name: HP - HP EliteBook
CPU Brand: Intel Dual-Core i5-4300U
Storage: 500 GB
Disk Type: Serial ATA
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Display: 14 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

A list of best laptops under 400 dollars cannot be completed without this HP model. With its fine bit of hardware, there will be no problem in running the MS Office suite, and users will enjoy an exceptional experience. It is best for multitasking without any lag. Without a doubt, this laptop is the jack of all trades.


  • Powerful graphics card
  • Smooth and fast processor.
  • Backlit keyboard.


  • Little bit noisy sometimes.


I am sure now you don’t have any problem with selecting the Best Laptops under 400 dollars. However, which one you choose entirely depends on your choice and affordability.

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