Best Dual Sim Phones – Everything You Need To Know

When dual sim phones were being produced during the mid-2000s, most people considered them to be substandard devices. However, all of these would change a few years later as mobile phone users began to discover how such devices could prove beneficial in various ways. These could be ensuring you don’t have to hold or carry two mobile phones around, saving you the stress of having to switch between two sim cards, the freedom to use any network provider of your choice, and enjoying double storage.

However, it is important you understand that the benefits outlined above can only be experienced through the using best dual sim phones. It means not all of such devices are worth your time. This is why you have to be very careful while trying to choose one. There is no need to bother about this challenge since you’ve come to the right place.


The major aim of this post is to provide a comprehensive list of the best dual sim phones in the market. These phones have been tested and proven to meet the diverse needs of end-users without any compromise. Just go through each of them and choose the one that aligns with your needs.

What to look for in a dual sim phone

You need to understand how to choose some of the best phones that make use of dual sim cards. The tips below will help you choose some of the best in the market.

Check whether it is dual active or dual standby

This is very important while trying to choose from the best dual sim phones. Most of these phones usually have dual standby feature. This implies that although the phone has two sim card slots available, users can only make use of one sim card slot at a time. In other words, they can either receive or make calls at a time. It means you aren’t expected to use both sim cards simultaneously. Once you are making call or receiving a call, the other sim card is going to be automatically disabled. This usually has some limitations especially if you plan using such phone for business purposes.

Dual active feature on the other hand, allows you to use both sim card slots at once. Users can make calls with one sim card and receive calls with the other sim card. The dual active feature gives you more flexibility. Finding them in the market is very difficult though.

Consider network types

This is another important factor which most people usually ignore. The end result is that it comes back to haunt them later on. Do you know that 2G technology is gradually phasing out? Most dual sim phones used to support 4G and 2G on both slots. In this case, the primary sim card slots will support 4G network while the secondary network will usually support 2G network.

However, 2G network is beginning to take the back seat in some countries like Taiwan, Japan. Australia, and Singapore. There are countries where it isn’t completely functional at the moment. Try to avoid dual sim phones which come with 4G and 2G network coverage. Most modern dual phones come with 4G + 4G. These are ideal options you can explore.

Always check sim card slot design

This is another crucial factor you need to take into serious consideration. Most dual sim phones that are being produced usually have one slot for micro sim. The other slot will then be for nano simcards. There are cases whereby both slots can only be used with micro simcards. On the other hand, there are some dual sim phones that can only accept nano simcards for both slots.

The most important thing is your needs. For instance, there is no need purchasing a dual sim phone that only accepts micro simcards when you only have nano simcards. 

Check battery capacity

It is true that dual phones have been designed to consume more battery as compared phones which use one sim card. This is why you have to lookout for the best dual sim phones in the market. The higher the battery capacity, the more you can have the freedom of exploring its features without any fear.

It can be very frustrating to purchase a phone with your hard-earned money only to discover that its battery drains easily after few hours of usage. Try to find out such phone’s battery capacity first before pulling out your credit card. Phones with minimum of 3000mah have proven to be reliable over the years. They can enable you explore various apps for long period of time.

Storage is crucial

The storage of your dual phone is very important. This will determine the size of files you can store in it over a given period of time. Some of the best dual sim phones you will find in the market usually come with storage spaces such 32gb, 64gb, 128gb and more. The reason why this should be looked into is that a low storage space can lead to constant freezing and lagging issues.

Top dual sim phones you can should know

Having known how to find phones that can meet your needs based on the tips shared above, there is no doubt that you are eager to purchase one amongst others in the marketplace. There won’t be any need for such exercise as the details below will reveal some of the best dual sim phones in the market. 

Samsung Galaxy A20s (A207M/DS)

There is no doubting the fact that Samsung Galaxy A20s A207M/DS has been a complete revolution since hitting the market in the month of October 2019. As pointed out by most of its uses, its design isn’t just sleek but completely out of this world. Its 6.5inch display screen ensures a better view. Do you enjoy playing games or exploring various apps on your mobile phone? There is no need to be worried as this dual sim phone can help out. It comes with 3gb ram ensuring that every problem related to lagging or freezing is avoided.


  • It has a cutting edge and high performance camera
  • Amazing battery life of 4000mAh
  • It comes with a fast charging technology
  • High level of security with its fingerprint and face sensor technology
  • It is super easy to operate
  • Fast network connectivity with its 4G LTE


  • The 3gb ram may not be ideal for heavy applications.
  • Its 6.5inch display resolution isn’t the best for some activities users may want to undergo.

Huawei Y7 2019

When Huawei Y7 2019 was released into the market in 2018, very few people expected it to be successful. However, it has turned out to be one of the best dual sim phones amongst others. Its features are advanced and sophisticated to ensure users are getting a firsthand feeling of what modern technology is all about. Users have been quick to point out its lasting battery life, high quality of videos and 32GB ROM for storage of heavy files. There are those who claimed it has an excellent battery consumption rate. This phone can meet your expectations today.


  • It comes with a large display of 6.26inch. This means you will enjoy watching videos and playing games.
  • Its battery capacity is 4000mAh.
  • Images and phones are of very high quality due to its 16mp camera and 13mp (front and rear).
  • Games can be played without any stuttering issues.
  • It comes with octa-core Snapdragon 450 SoC to ensure optimum performance.
  • High audio quality.


  • It can get very hot once used to explore heavy applications.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Very few dual sim phones can compete favorably with Samsung Galaxy A11 in the aspect of features and functionalities. This is because it has been built to meet the needs of users. Most of its users for instance, explained that the phone is excellent given its decent price tag of $150. Others have been satisfied with its 6.4HD display which ensures ultimate experiences for activities like watching videos and playing video games. Some also loved its Snapdragon 450, Octa-core 1.8 GHz which ensures smooth exploration of its features.


  • It has a slot for external memory card.
  • Its 4000mAh battery is strong and reliable.
  • There are numerous camera options for high quality photos. For instance, it comes with back camera has 2 MP f/2.4 (DOF), 5 MP f/2.2 (Ultrawide), and 13 MP f/1.8 (standard wide).


  • Its front camera doesn’t come with LED flash.
  • It is not a water resistant device.
  • There is no Infra-Red sensor.
  • It doesn’t come with wireless technology feature.
  • The battery isn’t removable.

Motorola Moto G7

Motorola is one brand that doesn’t need much introduction given its past records of producing premium phones. This is why its Moto G7 is considered as one of the best dual sim phones today. The technology of this phone is breathtaking. Most users talked about its 64GB storage space and how they haven’t considered the option of buying SD cards. There is also its 4GB ram which ensures smooth operation during use. However, majority of its users have been impressed with its high level of durability due to its Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


  • It has been perfectly designed. The front and back are made with glass while its edges are designed with metal.
  • Its 4GB ram makes multitasking possible.
  • High quality photos due to its sophisticated cameras.


  • Some of its versions are not NFC-enabled.
  • It is a quite expensive phone.
  • Its 6.2inch display screen means you may find it hard exploring the features with one hand.
  • The battery capacity is quite low at 3000mAh as compared to others above.

Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite has definitely taken the world by storm with some impressive features. Most people claimed it solved their storage issues with its 128GB space. Some even explained experiencing download speed of 74.7 mbps which is quite incredible. Other users explained the high quality photos which it produces. Its clone app has been one of the most appreciated features by users. This is because it has helped them download text messages and call logs from their old phones without breaking sweat. Huawei P30 Lite is one of the best dual sim phones which can give you a sneak peek of what the future of mobile technology looks like.


  • It comes with game-friendly hardware and storage space.
  • It comes with high quality tri-eyed camera.
  • Super-fast and highly flexible EMUI.
  • Its battery is reliable with 3340mAh capacity.


  • For a phone of this features, the video qualities are low at 1080p.
  • It doesn’t have 4k video recording feature.
  • Different cameras have been made for various markets. For instance, some markets have phones of 48mp while others have those of 24mp.
  • It is quite expensive at $249.99.

ASUS ROG Phone 2

There is something special about Asus phones. This is the fact that they have always lived up to expectations. ASUS ROG Phone 2 isn’t different in any as it has won the heart of users all over the world. Most users have been quick to point out its impressive design. There are some who explained that this phone has been one of the best when compared to other gaming phones. This is due to its 12GB RAM and 512GB Storage space. Gamers have also explained that it is one of the best phones they have used which fully supports multitasking. This phone is definitely worth its price tag of $1, 398.49.


  • It is compatible with any GSM network.
  • High quality cameras for great photos.
  • It comes with 2 charging spots and supports fast charging.
  • It comes with games accessories like aero active cooler 2, Twin Dock, ROG Kunai gamepad and others.
  • Its battery capacity is 6000mAh which means more fun hours.


  • It is very expensive for the average Joe at that price.
  • For its price, it can be said that the camera performance isn’t good enough.

Final words

Based on the above, it is obvious that there are lots of top dual sim phones you can explore today. Just choose any of the devices listed above based on your budget and start enjoying your favorite activities. It doesn’t really matter whether you love games, music, videos or browsing as these phones will definitely have you blown away.

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