Android Recovery Stick: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Android Recovery Stick

Need to recover deleted data from your android device? Use an Android Recovery Stick. It will find out all the data that’s on your android phone, even the deleted ones.

Android recovery stick is a USB flash drive equipped with recovery software. The recovery software does the main job of fetching out the data from your android phone. You can also find an iPhone recovery stick to do the same job for your iPhone.

What does an Android recovery stick do?

As the name suggests, an Android recovery stick recovers data from an android phone. It is a recovery software stored in a USB flash drive. With this stick, you can do the following:

  1. Recover Deleted Data
  2. Find all data from the Android device
  3. Collect specific data like texts, images, multimedia files, etc
  4. Scan and collect data from 3rd party apps

An Android recovery stick is a data recovery software. It does not provide support for other recovery features like installing an Operating System in your Android device or fixing some core issues to make the smartphone work again. It just helps you regain your precious data from your Android device.

How to use an Android recovery stick?

You have to follow some steps to start the process. However, it does not require specialized technical knowledge to use the software. You will need 4 things to use android recovery stick:

  1. An Android recovery stick
  2. A Computer
  3. A USB cable
  4. An Android phone

Once you have all that is needed, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect the Android recovery stick to your PC
  2. Connect your Android phone via USB cable
  3. Go to the USB flash drive folder in your PC
  4. Start the application
  5. Click the device finder or Open a previously saved Workspace

A Workspace is data recovered from an Android device that you can look at later. Use this feature if you already have a workspace saved.

  1. Find your device

If you cannot find your device then you have to troubleshoot and find your device. Check the USB cable and your device.

If you still cannot find your device then check the website of your Android recovery stick. They will guide you through the process.

  1. Select what files you want to recover

Initially, the software will give you three types of files to recover:

  • Text
  • Multimedia Data
  • Everything including 3rd party apps

Click recover and the software will start scanning your Android device. The time required to scan the full device depends on how much storage there is available in the device. It’ll take less time to do a text-only recovery rather than recovering everything including 3rd party apps.

Usually, it takes around 20 to 30 mins to complete the scan.

Once scan is finished

Once the scan is finished, you can see all the data available on your Android device. They are well categorized under:

Contacts: All the contacts stored on your device will be shown here. You can also search for any contact to quickly find the one you are looking for.

Messages: All the conversations are stored as CSV type files. You can view and export conversations.

Call History:Your complete call history is available for you to view and export.

Organizer: All the events and calendar reminders are stored under the organizer section.

Graphics: The graphics section includes all the pictures you have taken. It also includes the images that have been downloaded or created by other applications

Multimedia: You can view all the videos stored in your Android device. However, you cannot play the videos in the Android recovery stick software as it does not come with a video player.

To play the video, you have to export the video on your computer and then use any video playing software to play the video

Internet Data: You can find all the URL history and the search history of your Android device through this section.

Recovered Data: This is the section that shows you all the deleted data the software was able to find. It depends on how much-deleted data can be restored on several variables. We’ll discuss this later down the article

Other Data: Other data mostly includes various system settings such as volume level, screen brightness level, etc

Application: There is a list of how many 3rd party software the Android recovery stick supports. You can find the list on their website. Most of the common apps like Chrome, Facebook, Skype, etc are supported.

The last step is to find and export the files needed or save them as a workspace. Saving it as a workspace will let you look at the data later if you want to. You don’t have to connect to an Android device then.

Does it recover deleted files?

Yes, an Android recovery stick does recover most of the deleted files. To understand how much the software can recover files we have to understand how deleting a file works.

Suppose you have 1GB of storage available on your Android phone. You have used 900 megabytes of storage. Now you delete a file that is 300 megabytes. That leaves your phone with 600 megabytes of storage available, right?

Wrong! The 300 megabytes storage of the file that you just deleted is still in your storage. Your phone just shows you it isn’t there. Just like the Recycle Bin of your computer.

The file will be truly deleted if you store another 400 megabytes of file in your Android phone. The phone will look for available space. It will find that there are 100 megabytes available because you haven’t used the 100 megabytes before.

But it still needs another 300 megabytes. For that, it’ll see that there are 300 megabytes of file left which you deleted. So it will rewrite that file. Now your file is truly deleted.

So, if your file is never rewritten then it can be recovered. That’s exactly how an Android recovery stick finds and recovers deleted files.

How much older files can I recover?

As discussed above, you can only recover the files that have not been rewritten. So if you have deleted a file and did not use the storage for 2 years, you can even recover that 2-year-old file.

If you have deleted that file and reused the space for another file in 1 week, chances are that you cannot recover the file.

However, search for all files and try to look for the deleted file. You might get lucky.


Recovering deleted is nice. You can do that with an Android recovery stick easily. However, you will need root access to recover files in newer versions of Android.

In short, root access is like the administrative access on your computer. Rooting your Android smartphone will permit you to access certain files, that are typically off-limits for the average user.

If you don’t know what root access is, you can search the web for what is root and how to root your phone. The process of rooting an Android phone varies from device to device and even on Android versions. So do a little research before rooting your Android phone.

How is the Android recovery stick different?

You can boil down to the main fact that this stick is just a recovery software stored in a USB flash drive. Then how is it different from other recovery software available?

The difference between that and another recovery software is that you cannot download the recovery software of the recovery stick. Unlike other software available, you have to physically buy an Android recovery stick to do the job.

Benefits of an Android recovery stick

The fact that the software is stored and sold through USB flash drives only makes the company fight against piracy. As the software cannot be downloaded, it cannot be used through piracy. Thus it protects customers from harmful software and malware.

The other benefit of an Android recovery stick is that the software in an Android recovery stick is superior to other downloadable options available. Android recovery sticks often offer more features.

Moreover, you will get first-hand customer support for using an Android recovery stick. If you face any issues with using the software, you can call the customer care and solve the problem easily.

How to buy an Android recovery stick?

You can buy an Android recovery stick through retail stores or online. As the product is proprietary, there are physical retail stores available in the United States of America, Europe, Canada, and so on.

You can also order an Android recovery stick through Amazon. Many online retailers sell android recovery sticks.

You will find below the article a widget from Amazon to look for it.


The stick available in SpyGuy online store costs around $120. The prices are almost similar in Amazon or other stores.

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